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Wax Bars and Warmers

Scented Wax Melts Online

Discover high quality scented wax melts in Ghana at Urban Scents or better still shop high quality scented wax melts online in Ghana. Our scented wax bars from Greenleafgifts and Bridgewater Candles will fragrance any space in your home. Our premimum quality scented wax bars or wax melts will melt away perfectly and release pleasant and relaxing scent to your entire space. Visit us for quality scented wax bars in Ghana. These pieces of scented wax are used in conjunction with a wax warmer that melts them slowly using indirect heat. This gives off the same warm scent of a scented candle without the open flame. Add instant warmth and aroma to the atmosphere of any space using our wide range of scented wax bars or wax melts.

Wax Bars and Warmers

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