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Large Jar Candles

For Large Jar Candles of all kinds, we are the perfect place for you. We are known to offer some of the best jar candles to our customers. All our large jar candles are poured with a soy-wax blend for maximum fragrance and clean burn and they will fill your room with a beautiful fragrance. We have the best scented soy Large Jar Candles from Bridegewatercandles. All our products are extremely long-lasting and will fill your house with a beautiful fragrance. We also have a huge selection of floral, fruity, warm, dewy and other fragrances available for you to choose from. These candles come in glass jars with lids. You simply need to open the lid and light up your candle and your room will immediately get filled with a strong aroma.


Our large jar candles define style and elegance. On top of all the goodness each Bridgewatercandle Large Candle you buy, also feeds a child.

Large Jar Candles

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