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Flower Diffusers

Greenleaf Flower Diffusers

If you wish to feel refreshed by the beautiful aroma of flowers, then our Greenleaf Flower Diffusers and Sweet Grace Flower Diffusers are perfect for you. These beautiful flower diffusers can diffuse through a single bloom and give off a beautiful fragrance to your entire room. As the beautiful fragrance diffuses into your space, your flower will start to change its colour and it will also start to bloom into the colour of the oil. Our flower diffusers may last for up to 30 days and sometimes, even longer. The diffuser also looks extremely pretty and elegant. It can act as a beautiful home decor item that will brighten up your entire living area. These products are a treat to your nose and will also liven up your space.


For superior quality Flower Diffusers in Ghana, Urban Scents is the place for you.

Flower Diffusers

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