About us

Myurbanscents.com is the online store for URBAN SCENTS in Accra, Ghana. We offer a comprehensive range of premium home fragrance products from some of the world’s leading brands namely Greenleaf, The Bridgewater Candle Company and Willowbrook Fresh Scents. At URBAN SCENTS, we provide your home and office with superior quality fragrances that delight your senses and make life better.



Greenleaf offers a complete collection of home fragrance products including the world’s best performing scented sachets, candles, reed diffusers, scented candles, home fragrance oils, linen sprays and room sprays. Greenleaf’s products are available in 30 amazing fragrances inspired by nature and presented in stylish packaging that compliments any home.

The Bridgewater Candle Company range boasts a superior quality soy blend wax candle which will impress the most discerning candle consumers. The Bridgewater Candle Company range also includes scented sachets, reed diffusers, home fragrance oils and wax bars. There are more than 40 fragrances to choose from including.

Willowbrook Fresh Scents is a range of scented sachets beautifully packaged with about 50 different fragrances to choose from.